Irlanda, ciudad de Cork

Irlanda, ciudad de Cork
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Educating for peace; celebrate your life


A free society, a society without war.

A free people, a well educated people.

A dignified living, responsible behaviour.

A big common heart that beats for a same land.


Violence begets only violence.

Sowing hatred hatred;

hate collects anger and unconsciousness.

Hate violence feeds;

violence ends with joy. ´

Without joy, there is no life;

Without life there is no true love.

Without love, it is perpetual night.

This is the terrible chain,

that distances us from the redemption.


No light love moves.

Without light disappears the way.


Peace, path.

Effort, happy goal.

Confidence is the key

that opens doors.

Open doors open up possibilities,

Although it is not seen by lack of opportunities.

The happy goal is there, hidden

by thick trees,

by ugly weeds bulking.


We raise the vision;

We hope in our heart.


Bifurcate the paths,

or are they entangled,

to take the courageous witness;

to return to the importance of the friend.

The roads intersect,

to make decisions.

Decision-making, value;

value, effort, faith.

Jesús Antonio Fernández OlmedoIrlanda, ciudad de Cork

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