H. Dubric: Ethics and Moral Executive

H. Dubric: Ethics and Moral Executive



H. Dubric

He has a Managerial unparalleled experience obtained in different companies and Corporate Organizations which have given him the practical experiential and intellectual miscegenation perplexes any seasoned "researcher" of managerial issues, as its true principles, advance in time, showing that the Professional media remained stagnant in pure bland theories and concepts, without achieving dynamic deepen BUSINESS covers and less hidden backstage perceive distorted the true meaning thereof.

He is a simple, straightforward man, of easy conversation who does not seek notoriety; he is not interested in recognitions either in appearing in photography. It is unusual for all these characters, used to throw first your resume to impress the reader or to any audience and get well, that self-praise ego, instead of helping, it destroys.

His works are in most national and international libraries, including universities.

Multiple reports in the public media and outside Venezuela, demonstrate his constructive contribution FIFTH MANAGERIAL SYSTEM, which has been embraced and, for outspread core of professionals from different areas, being a REFERENCIAL matter and of studying in post-degree in our country.

Never before it had been known anything similar at all in the EXECUTIVE TRAINING, it was always accustomed to be operated within the old patterns, processes and practices of the past stored in memory as "maps" without any output to envision success.


          It comes from Venezuela, a land full of grace and Mother of big Liberators who arises a new way of thinking, and where is born THE FIFTH SYSTEM MANAGERIAL DIRECTION called free initiative.

        H. Dubric, his creator, is a successful Business Advisor with over 40 years of experience in the world of marketing strategies, and a knowledgeable investigator who insists on the Intuitional Logic development, through his management style or FIFTH System Managerial Direction, called "free initiative", developed since 1974, and which allow the formation of the NEW EXECUTIVE that will succeed under pressure by the ups and downs that will be generated as a result of the economic contraction suffers in the world due to mismatches of all systems: political, religious, economic and social, taking inclusive into consideration  natural disasters.

It was in the year 1.990, when he wrote his first qualified book: "Nacimiento de un Nuevo Ejecutivo", edited in Venezuela for the first time in the year 2.003 and which placed the public debate, the formula for the formation of a new executive when he wrote: " executives and businessmen are needed, who can think with their heart and feel with their brain, since times ahead will be increasingly critics ".


It also begins the extraordinary diffusion of this method, the exposure and H. Dubric works promotion at major congresses, seminars, workshops, universities, companies, Book Fairs, Libraries etc. As well as their promotion of cultural campaigns and launch of his books, written media, audiovisual and the Internet, who have been pleased to collaborate in the dissemination of disinterested FIFTH Managerial style or FIFTH DIRECTION AND Managing SYSTEM, called "Free Initiative", for being a tool of integral useful, not alone character for the professional, Manager or Businessman, but also usefully for the worker, merchant, entrepreneur, employee, student and housewife.

It is as well as the FIFTH Managerial style or FIFTH SYSTEM Direction and Managing, called "Free Initiative" it has expanded successfully, not only in Venezuela but also in other countries of the world.

The universality and validity of the postulates of H. Dubric are evident in the mirror in which we identify as individuals and society as countries, because as he puts it, there is no country in the world where people are really happy to live without you say, without envy, without greed, without pride, without vanity, without morbidities, no prostitution, no promiscuity, no adultery, no drinking, no drugs, no corruption, no violence, no competition, no pride, no conceit, no trash, no pollution; which shows a complete lack of strategic vision Real and Authentic Leadership in us: humans beings.

STRATEGIC VISION REAL it is not possible to obtain until we go beyond the scope of the five senses, the merely observable, the conjectures, deductions and conceptual interpretations, it means subjectivism. Achieving Authentic Strategic Vision is necessary to penetrate the threshold of the unknown.

H. Dubric states: “The authentic STRATEGIC VISION is OBJECTIVE, unlimited, it to the AWARE IMAGINATION, is free of any concept and it is existential. It has to do with  intuition coming from above, product of an individual autonomous, free will of prejudices, result of an ier determinant freedom, which turns into moral action on having gesticulated. “

Others people want to know how to achieve an effective management, how to obtain  itself, but to know how to be able to get to effective management, first it is necessary to  understand what it really means, since now all systems called "managerial", they rest solely and exclusively on what is quantifiable in numbers or economic figures; for the majorities this it is the Effective Measurement of Management, but the facts and disasters caused by these " managerial systems " demonstrate that they are in a mistake.

We have many examples to demonstrate that they have been mistaken on the mentioned concepts. Take the case of Bernard L. Madoff, and Robert Allen Stanford, who were once considered "magnificent" giving the appearance of "effective managers" for the effectiveness of economic figures which were in their business or important positions. But look at the disasters that have caused and the "pot" that has been uncovered.

The money has turned into these times into a psychological need, giving it a disproportionate value, and by it is enslaved, loses family, lies, steals, murders, betrays, corrupted, prostitutes, buyer consciences, etc. This shows that there is a poor relationship with money. DUBRIC puts it, "money is just a psychological exchange value and not a real value."

According to H. Dubric, that has been the great academic training problem to the streets men and women willing to make "objective" (which for the majority relates to economic data) without mattering for whom they could harm. Because of it is that we take a rotten world, full of CRISIS as all sides, since it is not a financial crisis, but, crisis of water, climatic crisis, food crisis, etc., due to the fact that we have lost the ETHICS and MORAL.

In addition, H. Dubric makes us clear that Manager is anyone who seeks properly manages and distributes resources to the welfare of a group, it can be called Enterprise, classroom, family, etc.., Advising that every manager should ensure the concerns of its target, serve them and build bridges of cooperation not stimulate competition among ever encourage your team.

In conformity with the Managerial dynamics delivered for H. Dubric, every leader, is this Manager, businessman, leader of group, political, religious, family support, etc., Regardless of their academic preparation or experience, must have:

  1 .- Sense of responsibility, that is to say, to live up to their obligations, bravely taking on the consequences of decisions, are these good or wrong.

2. - A sense of honesty, it means; Respect the word. If we cultivate the word and complies them, and we will lose the business ruing fraud, theft, lying, betrayal, etc., Restoring decency, modesty, honesty.

  3 .- Free Initiative, which makes us men and women ductile, equitable, free from dogmas, able to face any challenge and bravely to circumvent all circumstances seem difficult.

4.-To learn to admit mistakes, which it implies not only recognizing mistakes committed in work area, family, friendship, etc., but to seek to understand them TO ELIMINATE THEM, this is fundamental.

 5.-To be able to listen, since only learning to listen we learn to be calm, sensible and prudent. We must learn to live through the MOMENT, which means to be aware of ourselves at every instant, to make our conscience is here and now, in every moment of our lives.

6.-Agile in decisions- making, efficiency in decision making is in interior work, in conquering the dreads and balancing the thought, feeling and action. To understand that every human being moves in two specific lines of life is fundamental; the Horizontal line is where they find births, formation of personality, studies, works, business, honors, etc., whereas the Vertical line relates to that psychological part that we do not see, but that handles us of instant in instant across the thoughts, feelings and actions. At the intersection of these two lines we find THE KEY OF THE SUCCESS, the answers to all our dilemmas and enigmas.

 7.-Enthusiastic and public relations, however difficult is situation, we must not lose the enthusiasm, this is critical.

VIRTUE AND BUSINESS it is an agreement of ETHICS and MORAL, is different and unique way of focusing BUSINESS managerial processes, is a new form in a competitive world full of asymmetries, perfidy, professional jealousies, abuses of power, etc., where business executives, advisers and personal executive, face bribes, perfidies, pressures and threats for the constant requirements of it what we called market.

H. Dubric holds in his VIRTUE AND BUSINESS, there are three important things to be successful in life:

 1 º Penetrate into Eternal and Universal Principles.

2 º Need for an ier change, from the standpoint of the aihilation of the ego, and

3 º Respect to free will.

       This is the basis on which rests the Fifth System or Managerial Style of Direction and Free Initiative Management, which can be used for any single man and woman of heart.

This FIFTH Management System and Direction is feeding of LIVING THROUGH THE MOMENT, every instant of our lives. In the eternal NOW, is when the psychological self-exploration works, catching sensations, reactions and thoughts produced by the animal ME or EGO. And there, right then, we pray in silence, with deep veneration, and we accompanied our part-divine, that take us and eliminate them, only this way AWARE is acquired thus we will acquire attitudes appropriately to the circumstances we are good or bad this life, that is to say, ONE LEARNS HOW TO LIVE.

THE FIFTH System of Direction and Free Initiative Managing, proposed for H. DUBRIC has the center of operations in INDIVIDUALITIES AWARE or the whole of consciousness are involved in a task, and circumstances for diverse and adverse that are at all affecting the sense of RESPONSIBILITY of the activity, or team leadership.

H. Dubric demonstrated by the facts is a simple man, simple is not interested in any recognition or honors, or photographs or plates, or walk showing their curriculum to support his writing, much less highlight the extraordinary work and disinterested labor has come realizing for already several years, in Venezuela and the world.

It has delivered us in a clear and simple way the NEW MANAGERIAL ORDER for being his FIFTH SYSTEM, the only MANAGERIAL SYSTEM in the planet that could have harmonized the interior balance with the dynamics of the life, achieving satisfactory results in MAKING DECISIONS.

The FIFTH SYSTEM or FREE INITIATIVE MANAGERIAL STYLE, breaks the discussion and the ambiguities, ending the injustices of existing schemes without violating the rules, no laws established, replaces any action to address Ethics Awareness.

Therefore, we invite you to know THE FIFTH DIRECTION SYSTEM and MANAGING called free initiative H. DUBRIC, and we invite you to check this new method is the clear and effective alternative that marks A NEW MANAGERIAL ORDER in the world, since it delivers valuable contributions to individual and society transformation.

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