Restaurant in Barcelona

Restaurant in Barcelona

Finding a good paella restaurant in barcelona is complicated, and more in these times in which anyone dares to throw a handful of rice to the paella and a broth of brick. This in the best case, in other places you will want to strain a Paellador. With our list you will go on insurance.

In the Restaurant Ferrán they make many more things, all very good, but some we remember with special feeling the incoming of the familiar meals: the ham, the anchovies, the croquettes ... And some fritters of cod that we still have engraved in the papilas.

It was the beginning of the meal and everything was a big surprise. A promise that is fulfilled with its fabulous paella, which asks for almost 70% of the clientele and which is a fabulous rice with monkfish, mussels, squid, shrimp, minced pork, butifarra and rabbit. All naked, so you do not have extra work.

Its unique situation in a textile colony of the ramblas of Barcelona is reinforced by an even more singular offer of varieties of rice as the debogavante. And you can eat them directly from the casserole with a wooden spoon.

Restaurant in Barcelona

Also to take away. We recommend the rice with maricos, that already appeared documented in like one of the best rice of the city condal.

It is called that because the women took it to bake in the communal oven, and it is a barbarity with chickpeas, pork ear and chicken, presided over by an onion sausage.

Restaurante FerranRestaurant in Barcelona

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