A Creative Agency to Make Your Firm Stand Apart!

A Creative Agency to Make Your Firm Stand Apart!
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Creativity knows no limits. With our minds gushing a billion thoughts each second, we can only have a glimpse of what the outcome can be if several creative and constructive minds are put together. However, talking about creativity, it is also easier said than done that creativity comes naturally. Although human beings are the most intellectual, thoughtful and clever species on earth, not all may have a creative niche. More importantly, even those who may not be able to execute it in the best way possible to derive maximum utility of their thoughts.

To help companies make a mark in their respective industries, it is vital for them to stand out amongst the rest. However, most huge multinationals suffer from lack of time and personal assistance to add to their growth and prefer taking the help of other creative companies who specialize particularly in this domain. Such firms offer a large number of services that can range from helping one grow followers, better visibility, content creation, designing, SEO activities, social media marketing and growth in digital marketing and other related services. Our small yet steadily growing company, by the name of 199 Creative, particularly deals with providing esteemed services to its clients. We have obtained a large follower base due to the perfection, commitment, and dedication shown by our team over the years. Though our company commenced small in 2011, over just six years, we have surpassed several large milestones and have earned a title for ourselves in the fields of SEO management, mobile app platforms, web designing, and creativity.


199 Creative was established by Alexander Elbaa, our now CEO in Tampa, Florida. Although initially, we started with the core idea of focusing on a few selected services, we couldn’t help but diversify our expertise over other domains too, thanks to the appreciation and genuine feedback we received from our customers. We have now started with web design in Tampa to help companies add creativity to their websites and make them a stand out amongst the regulars. Our team of web developers in tampa  work hard to make sure we exceed customer expectations each time. Today, 199 Creative offers a large range of web design services like website structuring, landing page, e-commerce websites, business tools like corporate branding and advertising and industry-specific marketing for doctors, lawyers, real estate and insurance. We also engage in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple. In terms of Mobile Applications, 199 Creative specializes in apps for restaurants, schools and real estate, android applications like Google Play Store and Game Design and M-Commerce Solutions like Money Transfer Apps, Push Notifications, and Storefront.

Today, 199 Creative has offices in Pittsburgh, PA, Tampa, FL, Sarasota, FL, St. Petersburg, FL and Clearwater, FL and plans to continue growing gradually. Names like Gray Volvo, Spoutcoin and Blinds and Shutters have taken our services and have loved the results. Going ahead, we plan to make an impact on more lives and help more companies achieve the ‘spark’ through our offerings.


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Alex ElbannaA Creative Agency to Make Your Firm Stand Apart!

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