H. Dubric: Management & Business.

H. Dubric:  Management & Business.

H. Dubric:  Management & Business.


This book came to light publicly product of the seminar delivered in Caracas in January 2007, the Venezuelan businessman H. Dubric.

As we have grown accustomed to this writer managerial issues, in explaining how teaching is going on which is really the Ethics and underlying the so named MORAL.

It is an extraordinary contribution in these days of continuous search for excellence. Shows like FIFTH OF DIRECTION AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM called free enterprise, developed and delivered by him since 1974 and then condensed into , nine books, is really the solution to create a new brood, as part of the destruction of all these individual psychological factors, that each of us carries inside it and which constitute the so named Ego or Self.

Demonstrates respectful, so named as authors such as Peter Senge (with its Fifth Discipline) Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits for Highly Effective Management) and others, have taken a series of writings that offer a panorama of apparently successful, seeking to penetrate the psychological issues, but unfortunately from the wrong angle and diametrically opposed to that end.

Because it is not through the observation with our poor physical senses, (as Dubric calls them) that we are going to make the methods or models, to change or shape the behavior of a group and be successful. Esta es la gran equivocación. This is a big mistake.

Insists, that is there, where he has settled the failure of this humanity, and his theories. Pues el auténtico conocimiento nos es aquél que está impreso en los diferentes libros de una biblioteca. Well aware of the true us is one that is printed in different books from a library.

H. Dubric, In this seminar, talks about the origins of ethics and summarizes: "ethics is pure science, accurate and feeds of the moment, the instant, that is why we insist on the practices of our FIFTH SYSTEM called the Free Initiative to break and remove in final form, these barriers much stuck in the mechanical memory, where these are saved yesterday, my reputation, my self-importance, my vanity, my cockiness, my background. And so on, that make up this beloved EGO, so many intellectuals who advocate " Muestra, como la Ética es el punto medio, o de equilibrio que nos ingresa al anfiteatro de la virtud y nos introduce en forma directa a la sabiduría de todas las cosas. Shows such as the Ethics is the midpoint, or balance that we go to the amphitheater of virtue and introduces us to directly to the wisdom of all things.

We are concerned in this new book, as inbreeding DIALECTA disseminated at all professional levels, has closed spaces into the interior of the search, which through simplicity, finds conclusive answers, the why of things, giving a extraordinary shift in the strategic vision, we have tried to sow the "learned" from different currents, which significantly impede the real ethical training and can be seen in the collective whole, so they know many of his theories and the facts reveal, there is no respect for anything or anyone.

He explains: "Everyone coined the concept of ethics to commit a crime and appear as Probe. Does likewise H. Dubric a parallel between what is the current policy and psicopolítica he advocates with his FIFTH SYSTEM, which defines "The psicopolítica is the instrument of inter-relationship between humans and their environment, starting from the domain of oneself.

Listen to me well and léanme (insists) is the proper psychological process in full swing of life, is the wise action in the various chores, which comes from the domain product of the moment and instantly, achieving overcome those interests dark bastards in all of us inside-that make up the beloved Ego-getting clear that the midpoint or balance, called ETHICS.

In this way we will resolve labor disputes, creating social coherence, it must be based on each individual on a voluntary basis, without any coercion."

From Venezuela to the world, The Fifth New Order Management System.

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Prensa H. Dubric. Venezuela H. Dubric: Management & Business.

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